Nothing Lasts Forever

Sometimes in our life we give all our heart to someone or something, hoping it to last forever. But, what we don’t realize is that life’s a bitch. It will let you latch on that last piece of hope and destroy you completely when it is gone. My life has given me some harsh lessons in the past, but not as harsh as yesterday’s lesson.

You can be selfless, forgiving, compassionate and caring, yet all it takes is a sentence to throw it all away. People, including me, sometimes don’t realize that words do break people in ways nothing else can. It shatters your world, and your beliefs. But there is always light at the other side of the tunnel, all you need is courage to cross that and let everything go.

The lesson here was, no one in your life is as important as you are. It is one thing to be caring and other to be completely selfless. In this harsh world, a selfless person will never survive, will never have enough energy to be selfless for the entire span of life. Faith and care for self is very critical to survive in this world. Because at the end of everything, when you are sitting in a room alone at night, it is you who can give yourself company and take care of itself.


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