Women and Independence

There is a strange anomaly between women and independence. Modern feminists call themselves independent and self sufficient. This weird trend in our generation to try and outrun the male counterparts have led us to force the non-feminists in the modern feminists shoes. I still believe in equality, not equality when convenient. It is like we have traits of a adult pussy cat (pun intended). Like I love when someone takes care of me, but I can also make it on my own.

I am an independent women, but that doesn’t mean I don’t crave for depending on someone to open the door for me. Also, that doesn’t necessarily mean I am incapable of opening the door myself. You may see myself as hypocrite, but isn’t every human a hypocrite?

It is a very simple human behavior, to want something which contradicts something that they need. The reason I say humans are hypocrite, is because I have seen people be both gentle and strong, loving and cold-hearted , at the same time. The term feminism means “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes”, but the word itself has changed its meaning over the course of the time. It is now seen as a convenient word used by the female population, which is generally mocked by the male counterparts.

This has led to the original feminists shy away from using the word. Now, I am not an expert in this area, but I urge the convenient feminists to stop mocking this word, and hide your flaws and shortcomings behind this term. I also urge the male mockers of this word to look into the mirror once and put your hands on your heart and say to yourself “I have never been an hypocrite till date on any matters in my life”.

The truth is, we all are feminists by birth, we all are hypocrites.

Don’t let the man bring you down.   -Maya Angelou


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