Little Talks

We underestimate the power of speech, a sentence can make or break a person. All this little talks that we do, the talks where we fake that we don’t care, or that we care, where has it brought us to? Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most of the love is lost.

How often do we express our happiness or love for someone? But, the moment we have to whine about the bad stuff, or bash at someone, we take all our time. In this fast world that we have created for us, we don’t realize what or who matters to us unless it is too late.

Everyone around us,  has a life as happening as ours. Maybe the “thank you” with a smile or “you look beautiful” are the only good sentences they have heard in a long while.

Okay, so I really haven’t shared this blog to anyone, I will just whine here.

It is so fucking frustrating to convince yourself to do something that your mind doesn’t seem to have a control of. Why you do this to me? The heart wants what it wants, the world is a chaos, and my heart is a chaos too. I have a stupid semester exam in 6 days, don’t even know the subjects, have to study the entire thing by myself, because the friend who helped me for the last 7 semesters won’t help me anymore because of a stupid bitch. Sometimes, I feel like running away, starting afresh, but I guess the world is this fucked up everywhere. It is just that nothing makes me happy anymore. I want to be crazy weird and happy again.

I want to live with a pet cat, and a few cute teddy bears, a rabbit and koala bear(they amuse me) and also want to wear a giant panda costume and be like them the entire day, like lazy to the power infinity, sip hot coffee in a cold sexy weather, read loads and loads of books in a huge reading room, with lots of snacks and junk food. XD


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