I have a bad news

This phrase “I have a bad news” doesn’t affect me anymore. I am so used to it that, if a day goes by without hearing this, I am ecstatic. There have been a few people in my life, I have seen and learned from these people who define the word strength. I am at that part of crossing a tunnel where I have no idea whether there will ever be light at the other end. But, something tells me even if there isn’t any light at the other end, I have now learned how to handle the darkness. Maybe, I will screw up less next time when life smacks me down, or maybe I will know how to not lose myself when everyone around you is lost, or maybe I would know how to find motivation from failures and move on quickly. So it is scary right now, like standing on the edge of a mountain, one push and you are spiraling down. Maybe it is going to get better or maybe worse, but I will be able to handle it no matter what.


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