Rewiring myself

I just read a post somewhere on facebook, that apparently, if you think about three things that you are grateful everyday for the period of 21 days, we can rewire our brain to be happy. And then I tried that, it is true. It really makes me happy. When you are not in a very good place in your life, and every day keeps getting worse and worse, our brain starts acting weird. Weird as in, it notices every not so good thing around us, and starts reacting to even a pinch of bullshit.

I just found out, I am grateful for that awesome omelette sandwich that my mom made a few minutes back, I am also grateful for the six hours of awesome sleep that I had after so long, and last but not the least I am grateful for that marvelous cup of tea that mom made just for me. Life is going to be bad and worse. Times are going to change. You may lose people whom you couldn’t imagine living without. But remind yourself that the simple awesome things in your life will be there no matter what, and those are the little things that are going to help you get out of wherever you feel stuck in right now.

To better times before and after this moment.


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