Tags: Simplicity, Closure, Life

It is a big shot word for many out there. Whenever something doesn’t work out, the modern generation beings try to find closure. They have hundreds of articles on closure, often describing this phenomenon as some set of drastic changes in your life to move on. But what we don’t realize is that life is simple and is not that complex mesh of logic that we have assumed it to be. We are so bothered and focused on our problems and negative feelings and experiences that more often than not we make the idea of living complex.

But what we don’t realize is that life is simple, and closure is a small part of it, making it even more simpler. Closure is not some big step of closing out or shutting things down that you otherwise would have loved to do or feel. It might be as simple as a two minute phone call with your friend discussing an excursion trip planned sometime in the future. Or it may be as simple as someone you thought you had lost asking you “How are you?” after a long time.

Life is simple and experiences both good and bad are the toppings of that awesome cheesy slice. You eat it, like it or not like it, take a shit and dump it out of the system.

Sometimes in life you’ll make a pit for someone in your mind.
But ultimately the only person in that pit is yourself.

-Ted Mosby (HIMYM)


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