Frustration and Love

Why We Fall in Love: The Paradoxical Psychology of Romance and Why Frustration Is Necessary for Satisfaction

I recently read an article on this here

It says love and frustration often go side by side. I have seen that myself, that the fiercer the fight and frustration is, the more mind blowing is the romance afterwards . This has been a mystery to me all along. It makes me wonder, is it the love that brings frustration or the frustration that brings love. No one knows. But this is very tricky. A tad bit more frustration and love turns to hate. Hate and love are very similar apparently. The opposite of love and hate is indifference.

I have experienced all the three: love, hate and indifference for the same person. It creates a state of confusion in the emotional well being of that person. I am yet to decipher the mystery of this sector of feelings. The beings of this planet are going places like mars and jupiter, but when it comes to the matters of a simple yet complicated feeling called love, they end up scratching their heads and drinking.



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