Growing Old

As we grow old, we lose most of our friends. And there are times, I feel I wish I had been a more social creature. Sometimes at the middle of the night, when I feel lost, wish I had someone to talk to. But lately I have learnt an important lesson which is, no matter how much you much you want someone like a friend or a partner to be by your side, the battles of your life are your own. At the end of the day, we are all in it alone.
Right now at this point I am finding myself in the middle of nowhere. But right at this point, I feel I am finally discovering myself. My ambitions, cravings, hobbies and fears. I had lost touch with all of these in my busy schedule for the past few years. In an attempt to grow old so fast, I have screwed up. I have messed up my physical and mental health, and I now realize how important they were. My choices of people I chose to be with still hurts me and haunts me at night. It is very difficult to maintain positivity when you have had three consecutive major failures in your life in the past four years. I am surviving this right now, and I wish to thrive soon. Let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst isn’t it?


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