Calm after the Storm

I am peaceful after so long that, sometimes I confuse the serenity with loneliness. I feel lost because of lack of excitement. I am so used to being anxious, that the absence of uncertainty is making me concerned. Comfortable life with no deadlines, along with nine hours of sleep everyday, and meals at proper intervals, liberty of pursuing anything I want is something I am not used to. I was terribly angered, agitated, exasperated by the events that took place for as long as I can remember. The calm is soothing as well as eerie. I am sometimes still haunted by the past happenings, but they don’t affect me as much as they did a few weeks back.

One would think, as time goes by, we mature and become wiser, hence our confusions should be lesser with time. But, that’s not what happens. As we grow up, the areas in life that were black and white decreases and that of the gray area increases. So our confusion goes on multiplying, but our wiser self is able to handle that commotion in a much better way.

The peace that I am in right now, is accompanied by negative emotions like fear and uncertainty. This is exactly what happens after a storm isn’t it?

Because you know everything is going to be okay. This is like the calm after the storm. Everything has settled, and even though it left destruction in its wake, you know the worst is over.
Kasie West


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