Rantings of a lost mind

I have a poster of Steve Jobs in front of me saying “If today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do today?”
If today was the last day I lived, I would die having lost my way through life. I find life meaningless. Why? I am without a goal at this point in my life. Emotional anxiety is well dealt with a proper physical and mental health. Both of which have chosen to ditch me at this critical juncture. I have lost my will to do anything I ever loved doing. I gave myself a time of 30 days to get back up on feet, it has been 25 days and I am nowhere close. Is it something that I am doing wrong? I have no regrets. I had a wonderful college life of 4 years and I have made the most of it. I had a wonderful team for my startup to work with. I have praised my team to my families and relatives so much that they probably know them already without having met them.  Then what is it that I am bitter with? I don’t like negative endings. But lately every ending has been anything but positive.
I need more time and space than I ever needed to reset myself.


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