Find your Amor

Happiness from success is short lived, money is a sine wave curve, pleasure from recognition is short-lived. The thing that matters in life is the connections you make with people. Not the shallow ones, but the deep meaningful ones. The ones worth fighting for. The bond that touches your soul is the bond you need for your lifetime.
Our busy fast food sucking lives are so shallow, there are very few who will take some time out to maintain that herculean task of continuing that bond. This bond can be with a person or activity or an entity. Anything that fills your blood with passion, and wakes you up even when you are dead sleepy. Our life is precious, and our time here is limited. This is the only window to make the difference. It is not going to be tomorrow or next month or next year. It is now. Want to start something? Do it now. Want to be with someone? Ask that person out. Want to go somewhere? Start making plans for that now. We get so busy following our surroundings that we forget what we want actually from our life. And each day we lose living a lie, is a day farther away from where we want to be.  So right now, go out and find that passion, or the bond that will drive you crazy for the rest of your life. Remember if it is not crazy, it is not good enough. 😉


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