Social Creature

I have grown up, hopping so many states that living in a single city for more than 2 years drives me crazy. I grew up with a notion that people you meet or bond with are just there with you temporarily (Parents exceptions). Chances are you either have to leave them or they leave you. That is one of the reasons I never made friends, atleast I never made close friends. Was never in a relationship. I grew up to be a lone wolf. This kind of helped me in a way that I am more honest to the face with people. It is easier for me that way, I don’t have a reputation of nice to maintain. So I never let anyone know me closely.
But as we all know, we are social beings. We cannot survive an unsocial life. I end up letting some people in, hoping they would stay with me for a longer time. No matter how many times I had to leave people behind, I end up feeling bad again when people leave me now. Or when time separates us. Those numerous experiences of leaving a city behind and leaving those galli cricket gang, or that gilli danda group, or that beyblade fanatics gang, knowing for sure in your heart that you will probably never see them again. I am talking about the time before facebook and internet caught up with our lives. The irony is, I used to blame those telephone numbers which got lost while moving.But now I have all the telephone numbers that I need, but I am still “leaving behind” everything, knowing that I will probably never see them again. Sometimes it feels therefore, what would life be without this social gene within us. Would it be simpler? Or a million times complex.


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