Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship. Whoever discovered this key to life and printed that on my yellow calendar was right. All three combined gives us something that all of us are in search for, that is peace. Anything contrary to this, poisons your peace. Often in the race called life, we forget these three parameters. These three are intertwined actually. If someone suffers from a multitude of diseases say diabetes, cholesterol, and some other modern life diseases, and is not content with the bungalow he/she owns, will that person have any faith in life, himself or anyone?
The doom of your life will knock your door in the form of a lucrative job/task seductively asking you “Won’t you let me poison your heart?”  And more often than not we end up letting it contaminate us, sometimes happily.

– listening to Poison by Vaults


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