Dark and Twisty

Everybody has a way of dealing with grief or dark happenings. Some cry some drink and some shout. Well, I have a different way of dealing when I am in my dark and twisty place. I ride the most dangerous roller coaster in my city and get a horrible neck and back cramp for seven days. I start wearing that shade of lipstick. I start painting my nails with controversial colors like black and green. I start wearing sunglasses. I try a shorter dress. I play chess and write stupid stuff in my blogs. The problem is I am running out of new habits I can indulge in. I am reading Elon Musk’s biography and realizing that he and I have a lot of common crazy ideas. Only difference is that I am broke and he is richie rich.
And I also realized today, that one of the business ideas that we had already built had a pretty good chance of making it in that sector where everyone else was struggling to survive. Why I think this now? Because I have been closely studying these existing ventures for a long time now. That stupid fucking investor. Et tu Nobin!


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