What inspires us? For some it is the bungalow that we want to live in later in our life. For few it is the recognition for themselves that drives them. For some people it is the famous achievers. But I don’t think these can inspire anyone. They only make one procrastinate. These “want to achieve” goals only push us to delusions. You know what is the greatest inspiration for anyone? It is the fear of failure. The fear of living on the streets. Or the fear of being ordinary non famous person their whole life. As a human we are born to live life, we all fear death. We bury that fear underneath our surface for most of our lives.

Naturally, we try to conceal our fears. This sense of fright is very powerful and instead of fighting it out with a lot of power, we should tap right into it. What is your worst nightmare today? Write it down on a piece of paper or print it and paste it on a wall you can see most of the time. That piece of paper will help you drive you away from your worst fear and subconsciously prepare you for that. You are not your enemy, so why try to hide those weaknesses and fears from you. Use them for your own benefit. Inspire yourself.


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