While adulthood has its perks, the independence, romance with your partners, travelling, it also involves responsibility. If you do something terrible or harsh or straining, you have to be responsible. You cannot escape the consequences. We think we are superheroes, as we step into adult life, working 14 hours or more at a stretch. But superheroes doesn’t exist in real life. There is only normal humans and normal strength. You cannot screw with yourself and expect it to go away. It is going to come back haunting you probably for the rest of your life. Depression is harsh. It is brutal. But with lots of help and initiative you can fight it. Stuff like chronic diseases and life threatening diseases, you can’t fight them. So it is better that you don’t pretend to be superheroes in an invisible cape and fight time. It is better to not go to a battlefield if you can’t win. So the challenge for our generation is be extraordinary and normal at the same time. It sucks. Responsibilities suck. Adulthood sucks.
But that’s life. And we can’t ever stop growing into this mess.


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