Reality and Fairy Tales

You know how every one of us starts with reading fairy tales and perfect endings when we are young. I never believed in fairy tales. I saw the reality of life since a very young age say 4. They were very ugly unlike those pretty happy endings. But no matter how bad it is, we still have a little bit of hope that someday, your world will magically lighten up. Maybe with a great achievement or a great lavish life or a great partner. Things are worse for me. I am a conflicted version of a realist and a perfectionist. I am very well aware of the reality, that real life on earth isn’t utopia. That there are bad things happening. Well I am also a perfectionist, having perfect utopic deadlines and perfect goals. I am more hard on myself than anyone else if there has been a mistake under my watch. Humans are not supposed to make mistakes. They have a fucking viable brain which is capable of assessing what is right and what is wrong. But then, humans are also lazy and clever like me. They make this weird nonsensical sayings, “It’s okay if you don’t score perfectly” “It’s okay if you make mistakes, you are human”. Fucking bullshit. I can bet my ass off that, the person who started that humans are perfect even after screwing up, was actually a serial killer. So that he can pass that off as a “normal mistake”. Huh!
Yeah, I am jobless and hence rambling.


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