Light at the end of the Tunnel

For long, I felt lost inside a dark tunnel. Every now and then, we face this dark tunnel in life. Sometimes it is events, or trauma, or just a simple medical problem. The length of this tunnel depends upon the severity in each case. I know how it feels to be in it for months. Now, I also know how it feels to come out of it. In the first few days that we are out of the tunnel, we don’t celebrate. We don’t say that to anyone. No one wants to jinx it. We remind ourselves of the source every moment we can. Why do we do that? We know the source has enough power to pull us right back into the tunnel. We don’t want to go back there. We have seen light after so long, that we don’t want to do anything if that’s what it takes to keep us in the light. We also form plans and defense mechanisms, for the next “tunnel” trip. But none of that works.
So what is it that we need to feel right again? You know what is the worst part of that dark tunnel, you don’t have anyone there to help you. But what we don’t know is, we are never alone. When we are in the dark, unable to see our way, all we need is someone else to see us and pull us out. So my tunnel mates or future tunnel mates, all you need after the trip is to confide in someone that you are okay, and someone to pull you out and give you a warm cozy blanket when you are lost again.

I would sail across the east sea
Just to see you on the far side
Where the wind is cold and angry
There you’ll be to take me inside

-Lyrics from Lights by Siberia



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