I won’t be here, when you come back

I won’t be here, when you come back
For I will be sailing through the oceans,
It won’t be the same when you come back
Because I would have fallen in love with myself.
I don’t have any camping buddies,
But that is okay for someone like me.
My frank simplicity is often seen as insanity,
Which makes me believe that I am deranged,
unable to ever find my exotic inamorato.
For long I was told, to be different someone else,
It was a real struggle to not lose myself,
But I am strong enough to face anything,
And it was long long back that the little normal girl
changed herself to this cold antisocial paranoid bitch,
harboring her tremendous waves of feelings
in a small sandbox buried deep beneath.
The only feeling that you can access is anger,
And, everything else is for me.
I am in love with the demons inside me,
For they keep my angels safe.
So yeah, I won’t be waiting when you come back,
For I would have found solace in my loneliness.


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