It is all about electricity

It’s all about electricity. Everything boils down to this. It’s the electric pulses firing up our neurons that make us kill each other, love someone, or hate someone. So, what is the goal of our lives? Are we just supposed to get a job, have a family and spend your time and energy on your family for 40 years and then die from cancer, stroke or heart attack? This seems very illogical to me. The other option being try to do something extraordinary, make a difference in the lives of people and die alone. But haven’t a lot of people done that already over the past hundreds of years? What has it brought us to? We are killing each other even today, molestation and rapes are a normal thing for newspapers to publish, we are sending our own people to die fighting some crazy insane people with guns (terrorists). So is it worth giving up your life for a world of people like this? I feel guilty to be privileged enough to have a roof above me. It is insane, I know. But what have I done to deserve that? And what have those kids on the streets have done to not deserve that? I want to save them all. But I can’t save them all, heck I can’t even save one of them right now. I can barely sustain myself. And all of a sudden I start laughing, because it is funny how every thought like this is just electric pulses firing my neurons. I think we should start at the source, stop the electric pulses from firing in the wrong direction. It is all about the pulses in our brains. It’s all about electricity.


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