Rusty Corners

What it feels like when you are safe after the storm, is a feeling that can’t be described. You are glad that you made it without falling off the edge. What do we do when the sandbox of feelings leak outside. You carry the aftereffects of the leak. Mind is an amazing palace for our thoughts. There are corners which are dark and rusty. They conceal our secrets and past which usually defines who we are today. Then why do we try to hide it? Are we ashamed of who we are? I believe that every person on this planet carries this hideousness, which is a reflection of us wanting to get better and grow out of our secrets and past. The conflict that is present inside us, slowly eats us. The conflict that I am proud of who I am and whatever secrets that define me, and I am ashamed of those definitions for the fear of judgement from everyone and society. I am also conflicted that being proud of my past mistakes and secrets makes me complacent and lazy towards my growth and betterment. So what do we do with those rusty corners? Disclose them or hide them? Learn from them or dismiss them? Be proud of them or let it be a mistake? Or just keep them in the corners and visit them once in a while.


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