Love in the time of constipation

Humans are a peculiar species who thrive on acceptance. We all are drunk on the idea that love and only love can heal our brokenness. So however broken we feel we tend to heal it by falling in love. Those butterflies in the stomach and those smiles and awkward dates and promises of always, gets us high with adrenaline and oxytocin. The promise of always is never a real one. “I will always love you” is a myth. Then one day when we realize the truth and the adrenaline fades away. The real pain kicks in. I was always wary of this field. Because feelings were a sign of weakness for me. And I also knew I think and feel way too much. So if it does not work out the first time that would be it. So I had to use that one chance strategically very carefully. But love doesn’t care about logic or the future. It just happens. A few years back I would have made fun of any person who cries over a girl/guy. It did not seem logical to me. People were temporary beings in my life. Because they come and go on their whims and fancies. They don’t wait for you to get over them. I am very sure that when I faced this situation karma was having a very good laugh at me. “Haslo beta haslo, tumhare saath bhi yahi hone wala hai”. At the end of the day I am a human, and I also thrive on love and acceptance. And also feelings is a stronger trait, not a weak one. It takes immense strength in today’s world to show true compassion.

TBH suffering from constipation makes one philosophical about love. They both are in fact very similar. XD



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