There are three kinds of people. One who thinks too much about the past, they are the sad people or for me whiners. Second type of people are the ones who live in the present. They are the happiest of all. They are spontaneous. They seem to be whimsical, but the truth is they don’t plan anything. They just follow “the do as we go” policy. The third kind of people are the ones who live in the future. They are strategic thinkers. They strategize everything. Starting from how to manage the time for bathing,shaving and shitting to running multiple errands at the same time. They are cautious people who always calculate risks. I fall into this category. If something has no future, they don’t waste a single more minute on that. They want solutions for every problem right now, so that they can visualize the next step. Because if they cannot see forward it makes them anxious. But on the contrary the lust for future comfort is the biggest thief of our lives. We may do things very well, probably be successful in our lives professionally. But we are never happy with us. We remain forever alone in our personal lives. We see a scope of improvement everywhere. We have a vision of the world and people around us that never matches with the reality. We are the dreamers, the delusionals, the unhappiest of the all.


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