Living our 20’s

You know when you begin to live your 20’s, you experience a sense of dread in the happiness. It is because we have experienced good going away too soon before you could even get used to it. It is easier to not be happy at all than be happy and get over it. Even if you don’t feel okay, the society expects you to move on. And more often than not we succumb and kill ourselves over that pressure. You start measuring your life in the worst-case-scenario scale. You detest perfect romantic movies because you know that the real life is shittier. Fairy tales make you wonder what better could we have done to not arrive at where we are today. We millennials suffer from a new phenomenon called a quarter life crisis. Well, I have been living my quarter life crisis since I was a kid. Does it get better? No, it doesn’t. We just get used to the pathetic misery that is our lives.


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