Drowning in Addiction

Drowning, gasping for air
When you are not so glad to be there
Then you come up and see the lights
The blue sky and the blue ocean
Separated by a thin horizon.
In the next moment you are flying,
Like a bird who has never used its wings,
The thrill, the rush of ecstacy, and the warmth,
The kind that keeps you awake for years,
And then suddenly you fall deep into the ocean,
Gasping for air, feeling helpless again.
The cold waves hitting the warm memories.
You wish you had never flown there.
The invisible pain of drowning,
And the invisible pain of bleeding,
You wish you had never been alive.
But then you swim through this,
And smile back at everyone you see.
Because the addiction called love,
has taken its prey, my friend.
And it is going to be years,
Before the hurt ends.


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