Fear in Liberalism

For how long will you let the fear,
drive you crazy, my dear!
Your dreams will float away,
the kind of future you imagined,
the beliefs that you had,
will be washed by the waves,
like a sand castle too weak to defend itself.
Us millennials are so baffled with fright,
that we are fighting liberalism,
and destroying the hard earned,
longest peaceful time in the history.
For the first time more people are dying,
not for hunger, but for eating too much.
More people are dying by choice,
than in wars and strikes.
This was a path of progress,
which we unitedly neglect,
and proceed with our old ways.
Building warships and nukes,
striking other countries and combats.
We directed our fears in the past,
but now fear drives us.
We are scared of hate and,
we are scared to love.
If you let the demon of terror,
muddle your hopes and trust.
It won’t be long before you let,
your life and planet drift away.


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