When your headache doesn’t go away

What do you do when your headache doesn’t go away? When that thought in your mind doesn’t leave you ever? You try walking around the swimming pool, you try breathing exercises, but nothing works. The puzzles and questions of what ifs and tomorrow, biting your brain to the last bit. You spend a part of your processing power fighting it, trying to understand it. But then, it exhausts you so much that you want to give up fighting altogether. The crippling insecurities making you numb at times. I don’t really know why I am rambling, though. All I can say is that giving up is your choice. You can or cannot do that. No one really cares about that. My memory is something I hate, it remembers stuff I don’t want to remember  and forgets stuff I want to have a memory of.

So, all you can do when this happens is have a sleeping pill and sleep like a baby, preferably cuddling a cat.


One thought on “When your headache doesn’t go away

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