People say I am fire. Some say I am Hitler. Some say I am fiery grilled chicken. Well, I say I am just a person who is free enough to have her own views. And if you cannot convince me with your views, I am not pushover enough to shove your view down my throat. And I will put my own views forward on why I have them. If you are not convinced, to hell with that. I don’t really mind that.
Maybe having a set of boobs has made the difference, maybe I am not supposed to be arrogant enough to stand up for what I believe. I would be a hypocrite if I said that it doesn’t bother me entirely. But when the people who know me in the best way, raise questions on my character and they are the people I actually care about, it becomes quite a herculean task to take the criticisms positively.
When people you love find you impossible to bear with, it raises a sense of self-doubt that I am not particularly happy about. When people you have never intended to hurt get hurt, that is when this freedom becomes a burden.
Then I keep wondering, how do I make myself better. The only way is to lose the faith in me that I have since I was a kid, and become someone else. I can never let that happen.


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