Some call it an addiction, some call it love, and some say that it is a fucked up set of feelings which has somehow got the master switch to control you. It hurts, hurts so bad that can make a cold-hearted bitch shed tears. The pain is intense, as much as 21 Guns shooting your heart. Then just when you think you are strong enough to deal with everything that comes along, a picture in the folder at the corner of your cloud storage is all it takes to take you at the barrel of the gun again. The name popping up in the dialer is all it takes to form that lump on your throat. Suffocating you with the sudden waves of emotion. Well, this goes on for pretty long time, till you get used to the pain.

Now, if you are really patient enough with yourself, you are whole enough to enjoy a beautiful sunset. And, that is when you take shelter, shelter from your feelings, shelter from your past. You are scared to lose your sanity again, and you are scared to suffocate alone in the shelter. And, while swimming in these waves you realize that it has taken you back to the start. That, my friend, is how anybody ever gets addicted to anything.

Then, you learn to not let go, but be at peace with the highs and lows of your own messy self. Time doesn’t heal you, it just teaches you that.


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